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Proudly Made in the USA to Present the Safest, Thinnest and Most Popular LED Floor in America!

Featured in Movies and TV shows

Our Floors can be seen on the hit TV shows, “Bar Rescue” and “NCIS New Orleans” and the feature film, “Office Christmas Party” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

Illuma Square

ILLUMA SQUARE is our latest introduction to the industry. Designed for smaller budgets.




RGB Led Dance Floor

This system can be controlled in various ways to create millions of colors including white. Make fun special effects and even respond to sound.



RGB with STARS Dance Floor

The same as the RGB Dance Floor system with an added white star-field. The stars are controlled separately by a wireless hand-held remote control. The stars can also respond to sound. .


USA Dance Floor, LLC was founded in 2011 by Doug Heim, a former DJ and television personality. He realized the need for a safe, thin yet sturdy LED floor that could be customized to different spaces and configurations, be easily installed and removed, and provide constant or randomly selected colors, chases or patterns or even respond to music.

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Great for your next event

“IT WAS FABULOUS!!!! I have never seen so many people on the dance floor in all 13 years I have worked on the Gala”


– Melissa Nelsen 

V.P., BBCM Board of Directors



Our Products can be used in all sorts of creative ways such as: Dancing, Staging, Runways and Special Effects! It takes only two minutes per panel to assemble. With low power consumption and no heat our floors are super safe with beveled edging makes the floor trip proof.

“I think the dance floor was amazing!”


-Sandy Hughes
Event Coordinator, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum


“Personally, I didn’t think our DJ quite matched the energy of the floor”.


-Denise Knott
Mother of the Bride

“Can’t say thank you enough for being willing to come all the way down to make our event such a success. The dance floor was an absolute hit and our students loved it. Thanks again!”

-Sandy Hughes

Campus Activities/Bedsole Hall, University of Mobile

Three years of Protection

 Our Patented Floors come with our exclusive 3 year warranty making us the most trusted name in business to offer the safest, thinnest and most popular LED floor in America!